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Job Posting in the Talent Sourcing Center

Jobs across all marketing specialties and regions can be posted and available to be viewed by the CMO Council community. With regular promotions and engagements from the CMO Council updating and driving new traffic to the destination, the site will quickly become a single source destination for marketers looking to benchmark compensation and unearth new, exciting companies and opportunities. 

CMO Compensation & Talent Sourcing Center: Introductory Job Post Pricing

Product Duration Cost
Single Job Posting 30-Days Online $299
3-Pack Job Posting 30-Days Online $499
5-Pack Job Posting 30-Days Online $799
10-Pack Job Posting 30-Days Online $1,199







Job postings purchased as part of job packs can be used any time within 12-months of original pack purchase. 



Not Sure How Much to Pay a CMO Today?


The “CMO Compensation Report” shares all you need to know about chief marketer compensation, with 36 pages of analytics and insights drawn from a survey of 345 chief marketers around the world. It is the first and most defining analysis of senior marketer salary, benefits, bonuses, incentives and perks published to date.

The report is a valuable benchmarking tool for CEOs, executive recruiters, chief HR officers, board members, academics and senior marketers to better understand CMO compensation from a variety of dimensions (e.g., geography, type of business, responsibilities, reporting structures, etc.).

What a more custom view of compensation? The CMO Council can create a custom Compensation Study based on up to 4 custom factors including seniority, industry or region. Contact Bryan DeRose for more about a custom report.  




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