Compensation across Marketing is a hotly debated topic, especially as Chief Marketing Officers take on an increasing load that directly impacts and directs the revenue of their organizations. To benchmark CMO compensation across the globe, the CMO Council has launched an on-demand CMO compensation tracker that will enable marketers to:

  • Create compensation profiles
  • Update annually, or with new positions or compensation
  • View and compare senior marketing compensation packages
  • Access anonymous profiles of senior marketing leaders to review similar packages and compensation structures
  • Commission exclusive compensation reports, comparing up to four key variables (including title, years of total experience, region and industry) 

The aggregated data will be analyzed and compiled for the CMO Council’s quarterly Compensation Report that will track total compensation packages, average base salary, makeup of bonus structures along with key factors including job title, responsibilities, number of reports, tenure in current positions, total experience, education, marketing specialty, and what it would take for a marketer to make a move to a new position.


Why Track Compensation?


The CMO Council has previously undertaken a major study to benchmark and understand the key factors influencing chief marketer compensation. In that initial study, the CMO Council found that:

  • Bonuses are the most common type of compensation beyond base pay. Eighty-five percent of CMOs receive bonuses with large company CMOs being more likely to have bonus-based compensation.
  • B2C CMOs have a higher base salary than B2B/hybrid-company CMOs.
  • CMO base compensation is correlated with firm size. The larger the company, the more likely that the CMO will make more in base compensation and the more likely they will have bonus compensation.
  • Digital marketing skills are important. CMO salary tends to increase as their firm’s digital marketing performance improves.

In that initial study, CMOs that focused on driving the bottom line, and those who answered directly to the CEO, held the highest base salaries, and were often additionally compensated with bonus and perk structures. Through the CMO Compensation & Talent Sourcing Center, the CMO Council intends to take this benchmark of marketing compensation a step deeper, looking into compensation profiles beyond salary and looking total compensation.

This first-of-its-kind resource will allow marketers to contribute to this ongoing benchmark, while also searching and reviewing real-time compensation packages and profiles of other positions across multiple specialties in marketing, including the top spot of CMO.


An Exclusive Service From The CMO Council

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